Episode 12: Let’s Be Friends

We’re back from a short hiatus to discuss what’s dope. This episode we discuss Shad Moss aka Bow Wow deciding to retire from rap. Is he still as relevant as he thinks he is?  R. Kelly is dating a woman that is one year older than his oldest child.  Is it okay since she’s 19? Instagram came for Snapchat with their Instagram stories. We debate which is better.  As we get older, keeping and making friends becomes harder.  There’s an app for that!

Episode 11: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Just so you know, Black Lives STILL Matter, Wendy Williams ain’t sh*t, and we’re taking EVERYTHING when we leave (#Blaxit). Also Pokemon Go is extra creepy but Nintendo is having the best year ever.

Thanks to Trap Party (https://soundcloud.com/officialtrapparty | https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialTrapParty?feature=mhee) for the intro song. Check out their page!

Episode 10: Wake Up!


This week Tayo and Will were out but called in to Ty for a special episode to address what is really going on in These here United States. We all need to wake up and realize what is going on and find a way to make a change, starting with the local government and working your way up.

Right after we recorded there was news of another black man dying at the hands of the police. When will this end? The more we try and peacefully resolve the situation, the more violent they become. What is the solution?

Who Are We?

Okay, so I know you guys have been listening and rocking with us for a few months now and while we definitely appreciate you guys, we haven’t properly introduced ourselves. How rude!! That’s like walking into the party and going straight for the food/drink and not talking to the host.  So even though we’re late we want to give you a little background info about us that may help you better understand our opinions on the show. I’ll start off with myself;


Born and raised for the first half of my life in DC, raised the second half of my life in South Carolina.  Best of both worlds.

Founder/owner/writer/all things involved with mysincerethoughts.com

Yeezy stan – Dude is a genius, the only problem is that he knows that he’s a genius.

Connoisseur of bougie fly shit like bowties and sneakers. I make that shit look good. trust me.

I’m into fashion, movies and music. I can hold my own with the ladies on pretty much every topic. I also represent my fellas when it comes to sports and any other “manly ” topic of choice.

I’m big on health and wellness. Especially for black men. This is a topic that is not often talked about so I’m hear to talk about it.

You can find me on twitter at sincerethoughts, instagram at mysincerethoughts, snapchatting at sincereb.

The devil’s advocate of the group. I like to see things from both sides, even if I don’t agree with the other side.


The Caribbean connection. Hails from the Virgin Islands.

Our current events informant. If it’s happening in the streets, she knows about it.

Member of the Beyhive since day 1.

Can make you a dope wig (snatchedmane.com), tell you how to take care of your natural hair underneath said wig and hook you up with a t-shirt to wear proclaiming your awesome natural blackness (respectmymelanin.com).

The most ‘woke’ member of the group. She will always and forever ride for her people and after hearing her passion, you will too.

In these innanet streets she’s @therealvichick (twitter), @candydiaries (IG, FB)

@candydiaries1 (SC)


Founder of alltayo.com

The international globe trotter.  Our Nigerian connection.

The level headed member of the group that keeps us centered.

She keeps us in perspective when we tend to stray, which is like almost all the time.

Full of random knowledge and trivia, some of it useful. Google is her bestie and you can find her looking something up on Wikipedia. When we’re stuck on something she’s there to un-stick it.  Want to know when someone was born? Ask Tayo. When did that movie come out? Ask Tayo. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Ask Tayo. She’s our actual factual aka fact checker to try and help keep us honest.

Socially, she’s @AllTayo  across all social networks like (FB/TW/IG/SC)


Our current Hot girl repping New Orleans to the fullest!

The next big thing, yeah I said it! She is destined to be the next big techie to blow.

She’s on the show as a special correspondent due to her demanding schedule but still one of the founding members of the crew.

As you can see, we’re a pretty diverse crew that has been rocking with each other for at least 10 years! Hope you guys can rock with us too.