Episode 8: What’s Love Got to Do With It?

lovebigHey everyone, we’re back!!! After a short break we’re back to talk about everything that’s dope as well as not dope.  This week we tackled the dopeness that is Deshauna Barber aka Miss USA. We also had to address some not so dope moment. The greatest of all time Muhammad Ali passed away on June 3rd so we definitely had to pay our respects. In crazy news we found out that Bobby Brown once had sex with a ghost! Yeah, we know crazy right!  We also talked about what makes a relationship work and not work.

In an effort to make the show better, we have a quick survey that we would love for you to complete. This will give us kind of an idea of what it is that you want to hear, what we’re doing right, what we’re doing wrong. Please click on the following link and answer honestly as possible. Now, Let’s enjoy the show.

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